Hej! I’m Eduards Abishevs Link to heading

A passionate technology enthusiast and aspiring engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently navigating through my final year at Gymnasiet (swedish highschool), where my fascination with mechanical engineering, robotics, and cybersecurity continues to grow.

My Journey Link to heading

My journey in tech began with an insatiable curiosity about how things work. This curiosity soon turned into a passion for programming, leading me to explore various languages and technologies. From developing web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to diving into the depths of Python for backend development and automation, my love for coding has only deepened. Now that am also learning Rust!

Why I Love What I Do Link to heading

There’s something incredibly rewarding about turning ideas into reality. Whether it’s a line of code that solves a complex problem or the first successful run of a wifi car I’ve helped design and build, the joy of creating something functional and useful is unparalleled.

Skills and Interests Link to heading

  • Languages: Python (OOP, file handling, servers), Golang, C++, Rust.
  • Web Development: Experienced in creating sleek, responsive websites.
  • Linux Enthusiast: Proficient in Ubuntu & Arch, dabbling in sysadmin tasks while managing VPS.
  • Robotics: Eager to learn more and develop my skills in robotics and mechatronics.
  • Cloud Services: Familiar with basic AWS services.
  • CAD & 3D Printing: Skilled in Autodesk Inventor with practical experience in 3D printing.

Beyond the Screen Link to heading

When I’m not coding or tinkering with electronics, I like to dive into a good book (often in Swedish, English sometimes Russian).

Let’s Connect Link to heading

I’m always open to discussing new projects, tech ideas, or potential collaborations. Feel free to contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to the adventures and innovations that lie ahead!